The process of managing your project
is in our DNA

Project Management

Project management is the core part of our services. Long-standing professional partnerships and relationships foster continual dialogues and trust, providing our clients with the most comprehensive, tailored solutions.

Tenant/Landlord Representation

  • Budgets and Benchmarking
  • Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Change Order Mitigation
  • Commercial Property Development Services
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Cost Control Services
  • Cost Control Reporting
  • Cost Segregation Analysis
  • Detailed Cost Estimates
  • Invoice Review/Approval Submissions
  • Procurement Strategies

Cost Management

Our team members immerse themselves in the design intent and client goals. Including vendors early in the process allows for planning on a high level for negotiating the cost of these services through qualifying with other vendors and negotiations.

We have a proven track record of saving our clients’ money considerably more than our fee for our services.

  • Feasibility Studies & Concept Estimates
  • Cost Planning/Budget Development
  • Cost Benchmarking Detailed
  • Cost Estimating
  • Project Cost Management
  • Whole Life Costing Value & Risk Management
  • Procurement Bid Evaluation and Reconciliation
  • Cost Control & Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Change Order Management & Mitigation Cost Reporting
  • Final Account Negotiation Cost Auditing and Peer Review

Building Analysis & Pre-Lease Services

As an extension of your team, we offer building analysis to help you evaluate particular locations that will address and enhance its internal context and meet the needs of your company’s growth.

We evaluate lease obligations and space requirements for a successful and goal-attended space. We foresee lease challenges before they become conflicts; we look for missed opportunities and compliance risks.

  • Building Analysis
  • Code review & due diligence
  • Location comparisons
  • Work letter review

Specialty Services

We can facilitate and cater to specific needs once a project is complete. Maintain and manage your operational efficiency, sustainability, and workplace experience goals.

  • IT & AV upgrades and Management
  • Move coordination.
  • Furniture management
  • Facilities management
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Planning, budget & schedule
Lease phase
Onboarding team members
Design phase

Delivery Process

Landlord approval/Permitting
Construction phase
Move in